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Top 5 Restaurant Concepts that are a Sure-Fire Winner

There are Dozens of Restaurant Concepts, but Choosing the Best One to Succeed in the Restaurant Industry is a Challenge

Almost every successful restaurateur creates their restaurant methodically and with one particular thing in mind – they want to cook food based on the place they’ve originated from. It’s basically the food from their culture that they’ve grown accustomed to that they want to bring to the new place they’ve migrated to and share their wonderful experience in enjoying their native delicacies. You may notice some very prominent French restaurants in America who are often praised for their excellent menu. Take croque-monsieur for example, in France it’s what they eat on a daily basis; kind of like how you enjoy your taco like they’re almost uninteresting and yet they make quite an impression on some people halfway across the world!

This is the reason why they become so successful. It’s because they picked out this particular concept from dozens of restaurant concepts that they chose to base their restaurants on and speaking of which, here are 5 restaurant concepts that dominate the food industry.

restaurant concepts

Ethnic Restaurants
All those French, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and other restaurants whose owners are immigrants in the United States, all of them can be considered as ethnic restaurant. That’s because they based their restaurant concept from the ethnicity that they belong to; however, a lot of these ethnic restaurants have adopted their service and style of cooking with the land where they moved to, which is America. Thus it could be said about their cuisines as having been Americanized to some degree. Although you may think that these ethnic restaurants are smaller compared to fastfood chains, they actually represent a significant share of the U.S. restaurant market and food industry in general.

Casual-Dining Restaurant Concepts

Casual dining restaurants are actually hard to differentiate from other types of restaurants in this list, except that they are cheap, they have specific themes that are incorporated into their menus and décor, and they appeal to a wide audience. Young and old, rich and poor, families, senior citizens and all other people from all walks of life come in to dine at these establishments. You will find a variety of food items at these restaurants, from appetizers and salads to main dishes and desserts and their menu is very budget-friendly too!

Family-Style Restaurants
Once again, just like the casual-dining restaurants, family-styled restaurants have only a few slight differences from other restaurant concepts – they are family oriented and they offer table service, so you can enjoy your food and conversations and not worry about anything else. Family oriented restaurants also offer a speedy service that’s similar to quick-service restaurants. Their menus offer a variety of selections to appeal to the interests of a broad range of customers, from children to seniors.

restaurant concepts

These establishments are probably one of the most money-making businesses around! I mean, you can just see them literally everywhere and the simple reason is, because people love to eat smoked meat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pork, beef, chicken, lamb or seafood, once it goes over the barbecue grill, then you can bet it’s going to be delicious. Besides the food these restaurants also cater to a variety of customers which are men, women, children and the elderly and they can adapt either a casual-dining or a family themed restaurant.

They also offer appetizers, salads, side dishes, desserts, sodas, beers and wines plus they offer promotions occasionally which can be very enticing! The very smell of burning meat with the marinated mix it’s being bathed on sends people sense of smell to overdrive. Setup a steakhouse in your neighborhood and I guarantee you that people will flock to your establishment without hesitation or doubt.

Seafood Restaurants
If you get the seafood restaurant business right, then it can be very profitable, in fact, most restaurateurs will agree that seafood restaurants take the most huge chunk out of the restaurant and food industry. Seafood can be a risky area on which to focus, as prices are always changing and many kinds of seafood are seasonal. Sometimes suppliers give out low quality seafood products and that’s bad for business, because customers already have a high level of expectation with your restaurant, and it would be a letdown for them. If you want to run a successful seafood restaurant, then choose your suppliers well and make sure that you have more than one supplier, so you won’t run out of options when it’s the low season for fishing trawlers.


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