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Determining Your Unique Selling Attributes

Your Restaurant’s Unique Selling Attributes are very Important for Your Success in the Food Industry


The unique selling attributes of businesses is what makes each one special even though there are thousands of companies that operate in the same industry. Take this article for instance, highlights the 10 most successful pizza chains in the US. They all sell pizzas, but what made them rise to the top 10 best of the best pizza stores across a country with over 50 states, 3,035 cites and 321.4 million people? Well, we know that Pizza Hut makes the best dough and pepperoni, while Papa John’s adheres to the “no chemical dough conditioners, fewer meat fillers and all natural” policy, which is exceptional in ensuring that their guests gets only the best.


So how would your unique selling attributes fare when measured against the success that these restaurants have created?

The First Thing to Do is to Figure Out What Your Unique Selling Attributes Are


Okay, whatever type of restaurant concept you’ve setup you are bound to have guests sooner or later and before they’ll make a Yelp review about your business, it would serve you best if you did it yourself. Here are a few things to note if you want to determine your unique selling attributes:

unique selling attributes

  • How does your restaurant benefit your customers that’s unique to your business and not found in other restaurants?
  • Does your food selection cost too high or is it affordable?
  • Do you have special menu options?
  • Do you think you have great customer service?
  • Can you guarantee a very positive customer experience if they’ll dine in your restaurant?
  • Does your restaurant have the best of the best qualities?
  • What about exclusivity or rarity?
  • Are you also keen about excellence?
  • Do you follow certain standards?
  • What about specializing?


As these questions are not like class exams, therefore what you need to do here is balance out the answers, because that’s how you develop a great unique selling attributes for your restaurant. Like the first question, for example, you could come up with any unique idea that people can only find in your restaurant and nowhere else. Cooking great food and selling them at a reasonable price too adds a bit of a bonus to the whole unique selling attributes scheme. And so on and so forth! As the topic implies just do your best to make your restaurant as unique, affordable and have great customer service as possible.


Time for some Self-Reflection


The next set of questions that you need to ask yourself is what makes you unique. Remember that article earlier? Well, each restaurant listed in the top 10 best restaurants in the United States has something to offer their guests that cannot be found in any other restaurant! And that’s what you need to think about throughly also, so you can be unique and be on the path to the next top 10 best restaurants in America, and probably the world. Here are some helpful questions to fact-check if you are the type of restaurant that will succeed in the food industry:


  • How are you better?
  • What makes you the best?
  • Why do your customers dine with you?
  • What are your special talents, qualities or strengths?
  • What makes your product and or service superior?

unique selling attributes

The answers to these questions will be your guide in making adjustments and refinements (whenever necessary) to streamline your business strategy and make your restaurant the best and most unique ever among your competitors.


Closing Notes

The focus here is to not fall into the trap of copying other restaurants and just be another generic version of Domino’s Pizza or Mugaritz, but just dial down your efforts to your immediate environment. Make sure that no other restaurant in your area is like you. This means that you’ll have to make a lot of changes to every aspect of your business and you may have to do this regularly to establish your unique selling attributes. Do not stop until you have achieved your goals, then when you reach a new level of success, plan for the next competitors that you’re going to beat.

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