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The Most Talked About Restaurants in Social Media

If a Restaurant Business is Making it Big these Days, then you can Certainly Bet that it has at Least One Social Media Portal

If you own a business and not use social media as a means to market your products, then you’re not doing the business right. That’s because 9 out of 10 restaurants are using social media and are actively interacting with their online patrons across the globe. Social media is a way for ordinary people, who have been longtime customers to your business, to voice out their concerns and opinions about how your business benefits them or not. You can use their responses to formulate a strategy to help you improve your services and attract more customers as well.

In this article we will talk about how various restaurants in the United States and elsewhere are making it big in the restaurant industry by simply using the power of the social media tool. Let us look at some them below:

The list below was taken from the top performing brands in 2017 by Sprinklr Business Index.

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Brand: Starbucks
Rank: 3rd
It’s true that Starbucks is notorious when charging customers for their coffee; however, that is how they’ve built their brand, and it looks like we’re getting more compliments than complains about it also. Starbucks originally targeted consumers who work office jobs to ensure that they can afford a $12.25 a cup of Espresso or Cappuccino to get them going with their daily jobs. Soon the business grew into a flourishing coffeehouse chain all over the US and with its fame came attractive offers from other countries as well. It now ranks third of the top performing brands in the US and the world! Thanks to good business ideas and targeted marketing techniques in social media and the web in general, I suppose.

Brand: Taco Bell
Rank: 23rd
Mexican food is a favorite among Americans and Taco Bell has proven it by creating over 7,000 store locations all over the world and selling tacos (among other delicacies) to 2 billion customers. The foods they serve are known as the Tex-Mex food variant which is a slang for Texas-Mexican food and they include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, other specialty items, and a variety of “value menu” items. Around 80% of Taco Bell is franchised to independent owners who pay regular franchise fees to Yum! Brands, Inc. (Taco Bell is a subsidiary of this company). The delicious cuisines that Taco Bell serves and the fact that they’re selling it at a very affordable price made them one of the top selling brands in this list.

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The World of Advertising has Gotten even Weirder and Social Media Spearheads Most of the Internet Marketing Campaigns

Brand: McDonald’s
Rank: 28th
Hands down, I think McDonald’s has been famous long before other new comers came in and hustle for a spot in the restaurant industry. The fastfood franchise opened on May 15, 1940 at San Bernardino, CA and has become a blossoming flower in the food industry for over 77 years now and it shows no signs of stopping! Since the 1990s the competition has grown stronger and stronger among fastfood restaurants; however, McDonald’s has remained one of the most competitive brands in the world. Practically anywhere you’ll go, you show the McDonald’s sign or Ronald “Ronnie” McDonald, which is the company’s mascot, almost everyone will recognize them. And not only that they also have a strong social media presence with over 73 million followers and get around 2,000 – 60,000 likes and thousands of comments and shares. It’s no wonder they’re so hard to beat.

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Brand: Baskin Robins
Rank: 34th
Here is a ice cream specialty shop that needs no introduction. Like McDonald’s this restaurant has been around since WWII and it’s so funny once you find out that there are dozens of famous people who have worked in Baskin Robins. Well, back in the day they were teenagers with small plans in their minds and are working their way to success, so they weren’t all that famous yet. Today, however, they’ve become big shots in Hollywood and politics – two among them are Barack & Michelle Obama – the former president and first lady of the United States! They even had their first date there. Cool isn’t it? Other famous people who once worked at this American vintage include Julia Roberts, Taryn Manning, and Eric Dane. The company made $122 million in annual revenue back in 2016 and is expected to get at least 7% increase in sales this year.

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Naturally with a restaurant having this much hype on the news and on the web, it is needless to say that their social media presence is superbly strong.

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