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Vlog or Video Blog for Local Restaurant Marketing

Video Blogging is Absolutely Perfect for Local Restaurant Marketing

The internet is a place that’s very similar to scientific laboratories, because you get to experiment with all types of medium to deliver your message to the public. In the beginning there were chatrooms, emails, micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter, Plurk and Soup.io), personal and business blogs, social media, podcasting and now video blogging. Lately video blogging has helped small, medium and big corporate businesses boost their profits and if you’ll use video blogging for local restaurant marketing, then you should be able to get similar results. It is already a proven marketing method and using it to your advantage would be a very good idea.

But Why Video Blogging?
Unlike regular text blogging (even with the images included) video blogging or vlogging has a greater retention chances that will draw in your audiences. It’s also easier to explain food recipes and how to prepare certain dishes on a video presentation than just having readers read endless instructions about how to cook meals. YouTube and Vimeo for instance, have very high web traffic volume on a daily basis and even if you’re not an expert you can conclude that people are fond of watching videos online. Below are some of the other advantages that video blogging for local restaurant marketing has.

local restaurant marketing

  • Researchers found out that 63% of people are more inclined to purchase a product if they’ve seen it in a video.
  • It gives you the power to be unique and stand out in the crowd.
  • Video blogging can also be used as visual aids.
  • Search engines are looking at videos and their tags as part of their SEO guidelines, so it’s also a good way to rank your website using vlogging.

You’ll never know that your menu will be very popular among your patrons with daily video updates from your website and YouTube channel. You’ll also get a better chance at competing with corporate entities at video blogging as it’s still in its infancy stage. Also vlogging is not just about sitting in front of the camera and record yourself discussing certain topics, but you can get creative and include animation, infographics, pie chart, news tidbits etc. Vlogging is also very good for visual aids in case you’re trying to give specific instructions like how to fix a car engine or how to make chicken curry. Google has thrown SEO into the mix as well since they purchased YouTube way back over a decade ago, so you can also rank your vlogs.

How to Do Video Blogging Successfully to Ensure that Your Local Restaurant Marketing will Work?

Text blogging and video blogging may be two different things, but at the root of their strategy they’re basically the same. Still using vlogging for local restaurant marketing requires the proper tools, the right skills and the right equipment. If you miss out on any of these ingredients, then you’re leaving certain opportunities for failure and you don’t want that to happen. Here are some video blogging tools and how to use them:

local restaurant marketing

  1. Camera – The best cameras for video blogging can be found here and they are actually marketed for YouTubers, so you can bet that they are all high quality video recording tools. But you can also use the lasts camera phones that have a 13 megapixels resolution or higher camera on it to do Facebook Live or Instagram video post. Putting yourself out there, especially on video makes people trust you; because they know you are real. I believe that the proper saying for this is “to see is to believe,” right? This will greatly help your local restaurant marketing campaign.
  2. Audio Equipment – The next thing to worry about is your audio equipment. Even though you have high quality videos but your audio is trash, people won’t subscribe to your videos. Having a great voice while doing a video presentation is a plus, but not necessarily important. In order to get good quality audio, you must be in an undisturbed environment (i.e. quiet room with almost zero interference noises in the background) and positioning the microphone closer to your mouth so your voice will be recorded clearly. But a good noise reduction, high pass filter microphone can capture your voice even when you’re 3 feet away from it.
  3. Lighting – Having completed your first 2 objectives it’s now time to get the best lighting equipment in order to be presentable in front of the camera. If you’re shooting during daytime, then take advantage of the natural light and have your camera lens against the sunlight. Use light reflectors to make your face highlighted and presentable to the audience. Check out some photography lighting tips to get a handle on things and successfully shoot your vlogs.
  4. Editing Tools – You can just use your own desktop or laptop computer to edit your videos before you upload them on your video distribution channels. Software like Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium and CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate are just among the few video editing software that you can use. It should cost around $90 to purchase such software, but it will be worth it for your local restaurant marketing efforts when you’ll get hundreds or maybe even thousands of subscribers on YouTube and Vimeo. Those subscribers might even become your customers!
  5. Editing on YouTube – In case you don’t want to edit your videos on your computer, then you can use YouTube TesTube to do it. Don’t forget to put your website’s link on the description section or on the popup link on the video stream itself. Follow all SEO protocols so your YouTube channel will be very prominent and will be easier for people to find. Once you’ve done all of this, then update your channel with new videos regularly to keep your audience engaged.
  6. Distribution Channels – Now that you’ve completed your video creation for your local restaurant marketing, it’s time to think about how to bring them to your audience. Your YouTube channel is your primary medium where you can distribute your videos and since you can share them in almost any social media platform, blogs or websites; it is your best bet to market your videos locally and worldwide. Other channels where you can distribute your videos include Vimeo, Blip.tv and TubeMogul.

local restaurant marketing

Other Things to Consider When Talking About Local Restaurant Marketing

You may also want to check out the details of your video and audio formats and make sure that it works with any browser, in order to avoid video playback errors. Know your audience demographics as some groups of people may or may not be interested in your videos, so be selective by using Google’s SEO guidelines. Also ensure that your local restaurant marketing efforts are widest-reaching with realistic achievable goals and milestones, so you can track your progress and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

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