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5 Reasons Why You Need to Run a Family Restaurant

The Typical Family Restaurant makes Around $4 – $6 Million a Year in Revenue

If you’re looking for a profitable business that only needs low start-up costs, then a family restaurant would be a good option! The prospect of running a family restaurant is very lucrative, because your business will attract entire families. That’s like 5 times as much profit compared to other restaurant concepts! Families normally come in threes, but sometimes you get guests that have bigger families and the more the better, right? Absolutely! More foods to serve to your guests means more money to collect from them for your food service. Family style restaurants offer table side service, non-disposable dishes, while still keeping the menu moderately priced.

A family style restaurant’s ambiance is very comfortable and inviting too! Here are top 5 reasons why a family restaurant is a good business.

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Affordable Menu
You can sell your food products for a lesser price than other restaurants, because you’ll get a bigger return in terms of the volume of customers you get on a daily basis. Having an affordable menu means attracting more customers and if you also have a great chef, then you’ll create a solid customer base, which will eventually be your patrons. The setback of having an affordable menu though is that you’ll only be able to offer limited meals compared to other restaurants. But the good news is that since you’re only a family restaurant, you don’t get to compete with those meticulous fine dining restaurants that get Michelin stars.

Also if your chef is very creative, then he or she can make the most out of the ingredients you’ve purchased in your kitchen.

Separate Menus for Adults and Kids
There will be times when you have to prepare 2 different menus in order to cater to both adults and children for very logical reasons. For instance, a child should not be exposed to alcohol and other spirits at a very tender age, or perhaps kids are not accustomed to extremely chili foods, or their recommended meal size is not the same as those for adults, or is just simply allergic to certain foods. Sometimes kiddie meals are not suitable for adults too and so you’ll have to offer separate menu options to keep your customers happy with a wide array of food selection.

A Family Restaurant has Table Service, Rather than Counter Service

One of the things that discourages customers a lot is a restaurant having no table service and lets them fall in line, order the food and wait for another 15 – 30 minutes to get their food on the table. As a family restaurant one of your goals/responsibility is to keep your customers happy and worry free, and in order to fulfill this idea, you have to let them socialize while you prepare and serve their meals to them. Four out of five customers who often eat at restaurants prefer table service over counter service and they mostly mentioned that they find almost all family restaurants have table service, which is very appealing for them.

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It Caters Well to Families with Children or Groups of Friends
The best thing about running a family restaurant is that you’ll almost always have large number of guests, which can either be families or group of friends. Families and group of friends can come in threes, but often they come in a much bigger bunch which is an insta-profit for you! Your splendid menu, affordable price and ambiance will certainly be the subject of the word-of-mouth advertising that your customers will talk about and they’ll talk about it spontaneously. It would also be helpful if you have an indoor playground or play pen for toddlers and children, so they could enjoy playing in it and give their parents/guardians some free time to chat with other family members while they’re in your restaurant.

Relaxed Atmosphere where Customers have more Control over what they Eat
The number one factor in most family restaurants’ relaxed atmosphere is the fact that they have a table service. Having your customers order food from the service staff and delivering their meals to them without having them stand up to get is the best customer service that any restaurant can offer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a world class or just a casual-dining family restaurant, if you have a good table service, then customers will love it. The second best factor that makes a family restaurant stand out from other restaurants is its service staff’s courtesy. Treating customers like they’re the owners of the restaurant itself is what will make them like you and would even recommend your business to their family and friends.

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Of course, there may be other factors that make family restaurants the preferred choice by families and groups of friends that we may have missed out, but essentially the first two factors have the most influence in its success.

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