Top Strategies For Creating Social Media Infographics

Infographics have Become an Essential Tool to Empower Social Media Campaigns

When it comes to social media, the importance of images when engaging with your audience cannot be overlooked. Statistics have shown that while internet users remember only 10% of what they read on social media, they do remember up to 65% of the information they encounter on images.

This recollection power that the infographics possess is one of the key reasons why it has become an important part of the marketing strategies that are applied on social media.

Below are some of the tips that can help you get the most out of the infographics on social media no matter your budget:


  1. Create interesting content with quick snapshots

Your infographic does not have to necessarily be the only channel to pass all your information to your audience and keep the discussions going on social media. Creating smaller images that share the key data points in bits can turn out to be more effective than sharing all your content on Facebook or twitter at a go. Giving the audience just a piece of the information and introducing them to the full content on your website will not only make it easier for you to share your data on social media despite the stringent image guidelines, but will also help direct traffic to your website. Very long infographics on social media might turn out to be boring and hard to read, and may not achieve best results. Instead, create images with minimal or moderate texts.

When introducing a survey or whitepaper, it is best to give out a few highlights combined into an infographic rather than giving out very detailed survey with lots of facts from experts in the industry. You can then offer your audience an option to read more by including links to the primary content in your website. This way, a good number of your audience can get a general idea and then follow the link to read the rest.

  1. Keep your content evergreen to use it for longer

When working on a tight budget and don’t have the resources to create new content regularly, it is recommendable that you come up with visuals that can maintain their relevance for longer periods of time. Quality infographics with modern design and evergreen topics can be shared for months or even years after you post them. You should do a good research and source for topics that are not short lived.infographics

  • You don’t need complex infographics

You necessarily don’t have to hire a team of graphic experts to come up with infographics to post on social media. Even you alone can come up with visual content that is enough to pass the message across the social media platform. All you need is do a little research on social media networks to get an idea of characteristics of the infographics that have attracted likes, engagements and shares.

Instagram hashtag can come in handy when trying to find out where marketers and brands go wrong when posting infographics. You will notice that there are visuals that stand out due to the clarity of the messages that they contain. There are also those that are too complicated or contain texts that are congested and too tiny to read. Your audience may have a difficult time reading these kind of texts and chances are, they won’t even go through the whole texts.

  1. Don’t share one infographic in all social media channels

The reason why people navigate through different social media networks is simply because they want variety. Your audience on Instagram act differently from the ones on Pinterest and Facebook and for this reason, you should use a different approach in every social media platform.

For example, large images with minimal content may go down well with your followers on Instagram but may not yield the same results on other networks. Instagram followers are very likely to engage within the app while your followers on Facebook and Twitter are will most likely go further to your website. There is no particular formula for creating infographics that will instantly go viral on social networks. You will most likely go through a process of trial and error before you eventually understand your audiences across the different networks and what works best with them.infographics

The efforts to get the most out of infographic does not end with designing. You will still need to do more follow up work like responding to your followers in a timely manner and encouraging shares. If you are new in infographic development, it is important to remember that like any content marketing strategy, investing in them over time will get you best results. You should put a lot of effort into getting the fundamentals, how to execute them, and learning from your achievements and mistakes over time.



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